Depending on it’s technological properties the crude oil is classified into different product types according to the distillation characteristics. We deliver different quality grades of crude oil , all types, from light crude oil to the haevy crude oil, from different regions. The market demand is mainly in the following types: Bony Light (BLCO), Azeri Light (ALCO), Kirkuk Crude Oil, Basra Crude Oil and other.

The crude oil can be black, brown, green or even orange to yellow. It contains oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen and other items in minute quantities which determines it suitability for a specific application. The crude oil or its derivatives are marketed by volume (by gallon, litre or barrel) or weight (by metric tonnes ~ MT). The co-relation between 7.2 to 7.4 barrels to 1 MT is taken for rough calculation only as is it not precisely accurate.