Sale to Production technology with organization of production of marble heating systems in the EU countries (and in other countries on request customer).

The sales package includes:

  1. The production start-up with training of one working personnel group of the customer, and the transfer of the subtle nuances of the technology;
  2. Preparation and submission of the documentation for the certification;
  3. Transmission of the advertising support information and materials;
  4. Transferring of the contact data of the suppliers of the main raw materials and components for the future production;
  5. The license agreement for the use of technical solutions, protected by patent for invention;
  6. Accessories and technical means for the production of the first 10-15 panels (excluding marble), for the assembly of the new production, executed by the trained personnel.
  7. In 1.5 - 2 months we bring the new production to the getting of the finished products on the premises of the customer, with the help of his own people, and at his own expense;
  8. Payment of a fee - 50% at the time of signing the production start-up agreement, and the full payment at the time of the release of the first finished products.

General data 

Marble electric heaters ТU U 29,7-2213211069001:2006 are technologically finished products, intended for indoor use, as an individual heater or as integral heating systems as well, they operate in the infrared spectrum of the wave flow, which allows the installation and operation of the heaters in the upper part of the room. The main feature of the marble heating systems is the low power consumption, high electrical and fire safety, full environmental cleanliness. the infrared wave length coincides with the flow rate of the wave of the human body, which eliminates the discomfort and the harmful effects on the health of the users, enabling it to be used as a main heating system.

Electrical and thermal properties

The electrical and thermal properties of the marble system are characterized by high efficiency and low operation cost.Marble heaters are in the category of energy-saving technologies. As a product - the marble heaters are available in different sizes and with different power capacity,and they are designed for use in all types of rooms and in different purpose areas with different volumes, in regions with any climate.The safety class data of the devices is - I I. Product engineering solutions are protected by two patents of Ukraine and two Russian Federation patents. The original design is a use of a unique resistive, non-metallic heating element which is separately protected by a patent of Ukraine for invention. The validity of the patents is until 2023. For  the panels the warranty period is 30 years.