Taking care of the interests of the partners - is an investment in your own well-being

                                                                                                                                      Yuriy V. Antypenko

Our activities are based on the principle of providing today's buyers commodity they are seeking, in the shortest time possible and at the most competitive prices available. This is possible to accomplish only by matching legitimate / financially healthy end-buyers, directly with legitimate Title Holders / Refineries that are capable of providing desired commodity to our buyers. 

We have a broad authority to engage transactions on behalf of our sellers. Our task is not only to introduce potential parties to each other but besides that, we organize communication between buyer and seller`s representatives. We work tirelessly to assure secure and on-time commodity transaction that meets the requirements and objectives of both, buyer and seller. Through our group of Sellers, we can provide you with the long-term and reliable supplies. Our company's core focus is on the 12-moth contracts; however, we also have the 'spot offers' and other quick deals from time to time.  

To start a new business relationship, Buyer needs to review our procedures and provide the information that our Seller / Title Holder requires. Subsequently, this Buyer can be considered qualified. Buyer must be then prepared to work within the Seller's Procedures of Business if they expect a successful transaction. We do business according to the Seller's Procedures only and these are non-negotiable.

Based on the information which you will provide us, staff will determine the best solution to your specific requirements and contact you personally. If we can not that we have an appropriate seller to mach buyer’s requirements, we will be pleased to refer you to one of our partners.

Reminder: LOTUS GROUP International, Ltd requires direct contact with the key decision-makers for End-Buyers / Resellers who will be matched specifically to one of our Title or Allocation Holders. All Broker referrals will be honored and protected. We reserve the right to carry out deals with resources, and finance programs via one of our affiliate’s stable of European companies and European banks.

Success of our company is driven by its employees and their commitment t o get positive  results the right way - by operating effectively, responsibly and reliably as well as by com municating promptly and honestly. Our practice is built on:

Integrity       Balance      Support      Partnership      Communication      Strength

Trust      Performance      Discipline      Honesty      Reliability      Professionalism

Strict adherence to Integrity in everything what we do and commitment to this set of principles has helped us to establish successful and long-lasting business relationships with our Sellers and Buyers across the world. We are with our clients before, during, and after closing of a successful transaction. We strictly adhere to international rules and procedures including INCOTERMS 2000/2010 and ICC 400/500/600/700 Chamber. 

Feel free to contact us e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like further information, which you did not find on our website.